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Nov 18 / admin

Vespa Racing on the Fiat Factory in Italy

For Italian speakers, here’s some coverage. Redbull sure knows how to throw a party.

I gather there were three contests – one for style points, one for the race up the ramps to the track, and a third on the track itself.


Nov 18 / admin

Four Days on the Northville-Placid Trail

Nov 18 / admin

I heart Osprey’s Hydrapack Reservoir

Read all about it at

Nov 18 / admin

Moto Guzzi Lemans 1 Custom Restoration

Recently completed by Moto Borgotaro in Brooklyn, NY. Full specs HERE. Standy for running video.

Nov 18 / admin

Photo: Disneyland

Nov 18 / admin

One of many product beatdowns

One of many beatdowns.


Nov 18 / admin

Little Miss All Mountain


One from the vaults, cooked up on a roadtrip somewhere and executed with beauty and precision down to the fine-print. Little Miss Sunshine had just come out. Maybe you had to be there.



Sep 7 / admin

Video: The Bike Magazine Roof Rack Test

Screen shot 2011-10-26 at 12.37.17 AM

Borrowing a MazdaSPEED3 for a day of product testing was a harrowing experience. At the time I owned a standard-issue Mazda 3, with a 2.3-liter motor and a manual 5-speed transmission, the car was just Zoom Zoom enough to get into a little trouble, but not a lot. It turns out adding about 100 more horsepower, a turbo-charger and an extra gear in the transmission changes matters entirely.

Just 10 minutes into my morning commute I managed to blow by a marked California Highway Patrol cruiser sitting in line at an offramp. The kindly officer took pity on my fumbling through dealership paperwork, and my story about it being a loaner was believable and strange enough that he let me go.

After Chris Moor from Thule outfitted the Speed3 with a couple of roof racks we began running hot-laps down a makeshift cone course on a residential caul-e-sac near the office. After about the tenth E-brake slide the neighbors called the San Juan Capistrano PD, who after a little cat-and-mouse game caught up with us back at the office and proceeded to shake their heads in bewilderment at what we were doing—testing various manufacturers’ car racks on “The Cone Course of Truth.”

They let us off with a warning and we promised to be good boys but that didn’t stop the Orange County Sheriff from showing up a little while later—constituting the third brush with the law in one day. After he confirmed with the local cops we’d been warned already he took off. We forestalled part II, the Yakima rack testing, until the weekend, and in then end got the test car back in one piece, minus a bit of tire rubber. But it made for a great companion piece for the print-feature in the magazine.

Lessons learned? If you get pulled over—whether by state, municipal or county officials—explain you’re running a road test for a magazine, chances are they’ll let you off. Second: The Thule SideArm is slightly more stable than Yakima’s HighRoller model. See for yourself.

Sep 7 / admin

A way-back-when test of the first vHoldR helmet cam prototype

Picture 8

This is from sometime circa 2008, when Anthony Godoy, then of vHoldR (from the company now known as Contour), came by the Bikemag office with what was an early prototpye of the a fully integrated POV camera. In terms of technology—this was eons ago. It was the first time I’d ever seen a Micro SD card, and these days some of Contour’s cameras have GPS capabilities baked into them and have to option to be controlled remotely by an iPhone. See the company’s latest toys HERE.

Godoy handled all the heavy lifting with editing and, minus the riding bit, filming. Video is just one of this former newspaper reporter’s tricks. The Seattleite blogs and does his thing at He’s a maestro with the panoramic stitch-togehers, too.

There were photos attached to an original post over at Bikemag but the post has not survived the management changes and redesigns there over the years.

Jun 21 / admin

Ride: Ramapo State Park


Classic New Jersey. You ever ride at Ramapo? What exit’s it at?

But no matter what preconceived notions you may have of the Garden State, get ready for mollar-rattling trails if you make it out here to ride.