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Bike Magazine Inaugural Gear Guide: The Bible

Bike magazine’s inaugural gear guide—The Bible—was a maddening mission to test as many (too many?) bikes as possible in a fitting environment. The project took a full month, with several staffers stationed full-time in Whistler, British Columbia. The chalet and guiding service Bear Back Biking hosted us in Whistler Village, and four of their guides contributed heavily to the testing process. We established loops for each bike category, worked up a blind feedback protocol, and started taking laps.

Highlights include taking laps in a closed-for-the-season bike park, riding in Squamish, and generally living the dream of riding next year’s bikes, day after day, fueled by gourmet meals and great company. The project taxed the whole staff heavily, but the end product was something that everyone who contributed could be proud of. Click the “Start Here” from that issue for the overview. Smattering of sections below. All section openers, including the cover, were shot by the inimitable Jordan Manley. Trail opener shot by Colin Meagher. All product photography by Morgan Meredith.

Click through to read the entire intro


Click through for a sample of the fork test layout



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