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“Down South,” Bike Magazine, November, 2010

For this open-ended experimental travel feature photographer Morgan Meredith and I flew from wildfire-choked Southern California to sub-sea-level New Orleans, where we picked up a rented minivan that we then proceeded to flog across several southern states. Hopefully the story conveys at least a fraction of the fun and adventure we encountered.

We came there to seek out trails but the characters we met along the way are what defined the experience. The bartender near the hotel we stayed at—Scotty the Asian-Cajun Sensation—wept openly around 3AM while recounting Katrina. Then he served up red beans and rice from the end of the bar. We visited dry counties in Mississippi where locals had built bike trails adjacent to the Baptist church. We shot a cannon in Tennessee. We survived Waffle House. And we found trails and riders in every state we visited.

We also visited the world-famous Hatch Show Print in Nashville, which led to contracting the the Country Hall of Fame print house to do the typography design for the feature.

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