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“On Hallowed Ground” Bicycling Magazine, Oct 2011

Every cyclist needs a good shop–a place to get a fix, find new rides, or congregate in a space devoted to two-wheeled worship. Step inside and check out Bicycling magazine’s favorites. While compiling this list of 100 I began to refer to my mission as a fool’s errand, because one man’s best 100 bike shops are not the same as the next guy or gal’s. However I’m quite proud of the finished product—a potpourri of places ranging from bespoke bicycle cafes to mega stores that manage to retain their soul despite their size, to lonely old Kraynick’s in Pittsburgh, which is coasting on its own momentum of 50 years in business—Old Man Kraynick has given up on the concept of a cash register and instead runs the shop as a de facto co-op.

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